Join hundreds of businesses in Saudi Arabia who are smartly managing their insurance costs and risks with IHC


Join hundreds of businesses in Saudi Arabia who are smartly managing their insurance costs and risks with IHC

Why you should choose IHC to manage your business Insurance and Risk Management needs?

Insurance Overpaying Avoidance

IHC manages one of the largest insurance portfolios in the Kingdom that involves extensive partnerships with insurance companies. We have the market leverage and expertise to bring our clients the best insurance rates that fit exactly their needs.

Too Many Quotations to Handle

Our clients don't need to process and compare countless quotations from insurance companies. With our already existing network, we make this process effortless for our partners.

Lack of Insurance Policy Review Experience

As a leading broker, we take ownership of setting the conditions of the insurance policy for our clients. We understand that majority of businesses don't have the expertise to review complex and confusing Insurance policies.

Sophisticated Insurance Needs

There are many cases when businesses don't find suitable insurance solutions for their specific needs and assets. We at IHC can help you by analysing your complex insurance needs and work with our network of insurance companies to bring you a solution that might not be existing in the market before.

Overwhelming Claims Processes

It's not a secret that filing insurance claims can be very complex and costly for most businesses. We take this weight off our clients' shoulder through our specialized team who can handle all your insurance claims hassle-free.

Continuous Risks Analysis and Insurance Needs Assessment

Our Risk Management team will keep assessing your risks and insurance needs and provide you with frequent reports and recommendations for any opportunities or threats that your business might encounter.

How it works

In just a few simple steps, IHC can help you change the way you handle your business insurance forever.

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    Contact Us

    IHC experts are available to connect with you through all channels. Feel free to fill our form or contact us via Phone, Email or Twitter.

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    Connect With an IHC Expert

    Our experts might request some additional info about your business, current insurance policies etc. This is essential for us to be able to fully analyse your needs and bring you the best recommendations.

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    Receive Your Personalized Assessment

    At this stage, you will receive a complete assessment of your business insurance options and opportunities. You will be able to clarify any doubts or questions.

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    Become an IHC Partner

    Congratulations! Now you can enjoy the best insurance rates and conditions for your business, along with the IHC team's continuous support, analysis and customized reports.

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