Review of Saudi’s car leasing industry

It can be difficult to choose between buying or leasing a car. Priorities usually determine which option is selected. It is purely a financial issue for some drivers. Which makes them consider the least expensive option. Others focus on the benefits of ownership. Let’s understand better the Saudi car leasing industry and its relation to […]

Six smart ways that contribute to savings

Saving money helps in facing crises and reflects positively on individuals for their ability to give up, with complete conviction, the purchase of frivolities and temporary luxury, focusing on priorities and taking on more responsibilities. The main reasons for saving are due to the volatility of personal and professional circumstances. To be able to cope […]

Do Not Be A Victim of Digital Fraud!

Most of us receive SMS’s claiming to freeze your bank card, and then you need to communicate with them to update your information. And not just that, this type of fraud has extended to phone calls and emails to deceive the card owner that it is a genuine call from the bank. To prove their […]

Breast Cancer Awareness

Is the expense of breast cancer treatment covered by health insurance? Health insurance is undeniably significant and necessary for society’s social and family stability, The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance had previously confirmed that, health insurance companies are obliged to cover the cost of treatment of benign tumors and cancer, especially breast cancer, to the […]

What’s changed in travel insurance during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The preceding period’s decision by the Kingdom to suspend flights and shut down the borders Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in neighboring countries, the Saudi government has been focused on implementing the most stringent and rapid preemptive measures to protect citizens, and residents’ health, the most visible of these was the shutdown of […]

What’s your business strategy now that the Corona vaccine is available?

A Quick Look at the Businesses Sector in 2020 When the first case of Coronavirus was recorded in Saudi Arabia on March 2, 2020, the public started to experience anxiety. During those times, the Kingdom’s labor sector was forced to make a rapid and drastic shift in its course of action, which most businesses were […]

D&O Insurance Explained

Claims against company boards are expected to grow with the changing legal requirements in the Middle East. Norton Rose Fulbright, which is an international law firm with representation in the Middle East made this conclusion in one of its latest reports regarding Directors and Officers insurance (D&O) in the region. It is a widely accepted […]

The complete guide of SAMA new rules of Insurance for Financially Leased Vehicles

From November 1, 2020, the enforcement of the new regulations for comprehensive insurance of motor vehicles financially leased to individuals announced by SAMA is expected to begin. The aim of the new rules is to oversee the contractual engagement between leasing companies and their individual clients in relation to insurance coverage for the financially leased […]

Why Property Insurance is a Good Investment for Businesses

There are several things you need to consider when starting a new business. One of the things you need to take into account is having property insurance coverage for your company. As a small or big business owner, a property insurance cover helps you protect all your important assets, whether leased or owned, that are […]

Engineering Construction Risks

Risks associated with construction projects are diverse in nature irrespective of whether you are building a new house or a commercial office complex. In most cases, if a risk becomes a reality, the outcome can be devastating in that it can result in the collapse of the project, or even the construction firm itself. This […]

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