Six smart ways that contribute to savings

Saving money helps in facing crises and reflects positively on individuals for their ability to give up, with complete conviction, the purchase of frivolities and temporary luxury, focusing on priorities and taking on more responsibilities.

The main reasons for saving are due to the volatility of personal and professional circumstances. To be able to cope with every unexpected emergency; such as periodic income, job insecurity, and risks arising from starting private projects or saving for retirement and family needs.

We conclude from this the need to save and take all of this into account to correct wrong spending behaviors.

Determine your reasons for saving, then the means to contribute to creating the habit of saving and reducing waste as much as possible.


1. Prepare a weekly purchase plan 

You should determine the meals that you will prepare during the week, and then limit what you need to the list of basic purchases as a reference when you shop. You will avoid buying luxuries and save a lot of effort and time.. If you plan correctly, you can save your savings for several days. 


2. Check before you shop 

Easy to forget the products you might have stored in the fridge Or the pantry in which you can prepare a meal So make sure before you go shopping to avoid luxuries or duplicate products


3. Plan your purchases according to discount offers 

“The biggest mistake people make is shopping automatically, ” Groomsman said. Not many people scroll through the sales posts to plan their meals on the sale products. Exploiting bus shows and events, such as National Day offers, for example, is one of the smartest times to buy and a strategic plan to distribute your income based on upcoming offers for each occasion


4. Never miss a clearance sale

The writer reported that stores are always working to clear inventory ,In order to make space for new products Where the percentage of reduction can reach 50% or more, especially If it’s the end of the year offers, the discounts will be a huge difference


5. Use the basics 

Remember that it is possible to dispense with many products using one product, and to be satisfied, for example, by issuing the mobile phone we own as long as there is no need to buy a new one, for all products alternatives Be smart and ..selective in your choices


6. Buy in bulk  

Buying in bulk is one of the best purchasing solutions that save a lot. One of the most famous wholesale clothing stores in Saudi Arabia is Al Romaizan Wholesale Trading Est And in foodstuffs, Al-Othaim markets and many others who have adopted the sale of food, consumer, luxury and household products, all wholesale and at reasonable prices In exchange for the customer’s purchase of a card bearing the entity’s logo to increase customer loyalty and repeat the purchasing experience, the stores have already published the names of these stores in a wide and attractive way due to the consumer purchasing behavior and the high financial awareness.

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